Be Satisfied….

People spend most of their time working to succeed on their chosen field. They conceptualize new ideas, create new schemes and try to outwork anyone along its path. At the end of each day we reflect on what had just happened, regretting if we thought that what we have accomplished was not enough and rejoicing if we feel that we were able to do what needs to be done to ensure a good outcome with our endeavors. Any which way, we are putting  more pressure on ourselves to succeed,  the more we put ourselves in great peril. Our physical being can only take so much amount of stress and anything more than what we could take will eventually take its toll sooner if not earlier.

But why do we have to exert so much pressure on ourselves? Is it not that this world was created for all creatures to enjoy its bounty? Then why are we creating an environment where we have to force ourselves to fit in? In our everyday lives, we continue to search for ways to make ourselves comfortable, so that life would be easy, so that travel would in minutes instead of days. But while this is so, the reverse is evolving before our very existence. For anything positive there is always a negative, for every action there is a corresponding reaction. No matter how the quest was taken, life is always a cycle of easy and hard, ups and downs until it ends. And nobody could even attest that in your lifetime you can actually say you have lived your life to the fullest and that you have fullfilled what you have lived for.

Therefore, life is how you live it.  No one should ever tell you how to go that stretch. Whatever influences that are exerted on you, it is still you that will bear the consequences of your actions based on the decisions that you make. Past experiences will however educate you to make your choices and may guide you through life. It is you who will  finally make the choice to live an easy and happy life rather than hard and or tedious one. But surely life will be hard if you can not be satisfied with whatever you have accomplished. The search will be long and hard, but if you break it down to small little segments, satisfaction is easily attained and once your satisfied you feel less greedy then truly you can finally say, you have lived your LIFE as it should be lived. BE SATISFIED with what you have and if you will have more then you are truly blessed. Have faith in yourself that you can do whatever you want to with your life.


~ by theironphoenix on June 7, 2009.

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