When is enough?….

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The recent moves by the House of Representatives in pursuing to amend the constitution without the senate’s involvement is really something we need to ponder deeply. What is this move all about? Why the timing? Many critics would say and in fact even those who are non-participant of the issues being discussed today would definitely say that charter change is being pursued so that President GMA can stay in power beyond 2010. As quickly as Resolution 1109 was passed, administration drum-beaters are telling all of us that Malacañang can not and will not stop a co-equal branch of government and that moves to amend the charter is purely a congressional initiative. Rumors circulating around and which was not at all  denied was that, administration congressmen were promised P20M each by GMA should Resolution 1109 would successfully  pass before congress adjourns. The money that changed hands before congress adjourned was an insurance to the GMA congressmen that they will have enough funds to get re-elected in 2010 or majority of them will.  Indeed GMA is looking at the options available for her to stay in power beyond 2010.  Firstly, should her supporters succeed in settling the issue before the Supreme Court in their favor having a senate less Con-Ass, then they can easily go all the way and do whatever they want and have everyone’s terms of office extended including that of their patron, GMA and that is a given scenario. But should they fail, because the Supreme Court maintained its independence and because people would not really accept Charter Change before the 2010 elections, then GMA will run for a congressional seat in the second district of Pampanga and have herself elected and surely she will.  Then she will pursue the position of Speaker of House of Representatives, and will also definitely win the speakership because the majority of the present congressmen which she have financed adequately will also get re-elected.  With congress under her control,  they will once  again move  to amend the constitution and change the form of government from presidential to parliamentary and once they  succeed, she could become Prime Minister. Public opinion in this case will not matter anymore because the people get what they want, have a new President elected, and no charter change have happened before 2010.

The plans are simple and are as clear as daylight.  What is intriguing is that the present opposition do not seem to realize that GMA has taken a multiple approach towards perpetuating herself in power.  If  they have, still they will ignore such moves because they are themselves busy in grabbing power so that they can also rule and  satisfy their greed.  Both opposition and administration have their motives, a sort gambling against each other and the bet, the whole of the Philippines and its resources.  A vicious cycle no one seem to care.   And each move are covered with lots of options towards getting results favorable to them in the end.  What a pityful scenario.

But how do we prevent GMA from staying in power beyong 2010? With all of government’s resources at her disposal and the opposition deeply divided, practically there is no way she can be prevented from doing what she wants. Greed definitely rules and if we don’t pray hard enough for divine intervention then by all means be prepared for a GMA regime for a long long time.

We have longed for change but all words not deeds. We as a people never really wanted  change because change comes with sacrifice to a point where lives have to be lost for change to be realized.  And no one would want that.  It took us 333 years to realize that the Spaniards have enslaved us and it took many of our brilliant young men and women to stand as heroes before we realize that as a people we have our dignity to stand for. There are of course pretenders to effect change today and yet no one would even look or trust them because we have a mentality of crabs,  we pull down those whom we think are better than we are. That’s what we are and that is what we will be forever and ever.

Maybe what we really need is a racial cleansing or a cultural revolution, but your guess is as good as mine no one knows what we really need to succeed as a people like other successful nations of the world.  Just like our archipelago we are a broken people, a broken nation with no identity to begin with and to rally  for  except when a few great ones wins a world title.  We are a forasaken people in a forsaken land because we allowed ourselves to be so.  Because we are GREEDY and never would know when is enough…..and what is enough for us to succeed and be better than what we are now.  Not in my lifetime and even if GOD himself will come down to us to slap our faces to an awakening we might still crucify him again because many of us do not know HIM and HIS love for us.  May the Lord God have mercy on us all!!!!

Be Satisfied….

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People spend most of their time working to succeed on their chosen field. They conceptualize new ideas, create new schemes and try to outwork anyone along its path. At the end of each day we reflect on what had just happened, regretting if we thought that what we have accomplished was not enough and rejoicing if we feel that we were able to do what needs to be done to ensure a good outcome with our endeavors. Any which way, we are putting  more pressure on ourselves to succeed,  the more we put ourselves in great peril. Our physical being can only take so much amount of stress and anything more than what we could take will eventually take its toll sooner if not earlier.

But why do we have to exert so much pressure on ourselves? Is it not that this world was created for all creatures to enjoy its bounty? Then why are we creating an environment where we have to force ourselves to fit in? In our everyday lives, we continue to search for ways to make ourselves comfortable, so that life would be easy, so that travel would in minutes instead of days. But while this is so, the reverse is evolving before our very existence. For anything positive there is always a negative, for every action there is a corresponding reaction. No matter how the quest was taken, life is always a cycle of easy and hard, ups and downs until it ends. And nobody could even attest that in your lifetime you can actually say you have lived your life to the fullest and that you have fullfilled what you have lived for.

Therefore, life is how you live it.  No one should ever tell you how to go that stretch. Whatever influences that are exerted on you, it is still you that will bear the consequences of your actions based on the decisions that you make. Past experiences will however educate you to make your choices and may guide you through life. It is you who will  finally make the choice to live an easy and happy life rather than hard and or tedious one. But surely life will be hard if you can not be satisfied with whatever you have accomplished. The search will be long and hard, but if you break it down to small little segments, satisfaction is easily attained and once your satisfied you feel less greedy then truly you can finally say, you have lived your LIFE as it should be lived. BE SATISFIED with what you have and if you will have more then you are truly blessed. Have faith in yourself that you can do whatever you want to with your life.